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Qui sommes nous ?

Developer of

industrial abrasion solutions

BAYAB Industries develops and markets processes and

industrial abrasion machines based on Abrasive Waterjet Technology.

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Application mastery,
Process science,
Machine development

To machine, BAYAB uses the capabilities of water erosion and particle impact abrasion.

We use the current Abrasive Waterjet technology with a unique mastery ranging from cutting to non-through machining.

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Machining of composite plies
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Surface preparation
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Hard metal machining
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Acoustic microperforation
Paint removal

By combining various skills, we support our clients in their developments, from upstream research (TRL 3) to industrialization (TRL 9):

  • Search for abrasion-related processes

  • Application development and production of prototypes

  • Machine manufacturing and industrialization

Our offer

BAYAB Industries offers products and services related to industrial abrasion:

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Janvier 2020 BAYAB (75 sur 84).jpg
6-axis robot for large and complex machining on removable parts.
Portable machining robot for composite repair.
Provision of research, development and engineering services.
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