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JCAMS 2023 - Composites repair machining by BAYAB

I'm deeply grateful to JCAMS 2023 for facilitating such an insightful session. It was an honor discussing our groundbreaking innovations with esteemed representatives from the U.S. Army and specialists in composite repairs.

As we look to the future, it's undeniable that an increasing number of civil and military aircraft are incorporating more and more composite materials. This shift towards composites presents a unique challenge in the years ahead - maintaining aircraft operability will require the development of precise, efficient, repeatable, and cost-effective systems for composite repair machining.

At Bayab, we're at the forefront of solving this pressing issue. We've successfully developed two robotic systems that provide comprehensive solutions for the repair of main structural components and movable parts made from composites. These are the only automated solutions that are qualified by Airbus and the French Army.

During this conference, we were privileged to showcase the full potential of our two primary products, Reply5 and SYABOT, through a comprehensive 45-minute demonstration. We successfully executed two composite repair machining procedures, starting from scratch, without prior knowledge of the parts' geometry. We're excited to contribute to this pivotal moment in aviation maintenance and look forward to pioneering further advancements in this field.

Presentation of composites repair machining


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