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know how

Automate abrasion with adaptability:

Two contradictory but necessary targets.

BAYAB's response:

A subject of expertise (abrasion) across the entire chain of

development (from research to production):

  • Application mastery

  • Process science

  • Machine development

Mastery of customer applications

Using abrasive water jet to perform constant depth or constant layer machining.

In general, BAYAB's know-how consists in using water erosion and impact abrasion to modify a part.

This use can range from cutting to blind machining, but also concerns pickling, hardening or surface preparation and acoustic microperforation.

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Machining of composite plies
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Surface preparation
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Hard metal machining
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Acoustic microperforation
Paint removal

Abrasive water jet machining has very specific characteristics:

  • No warm-up

  • No machining effort

  • No minimum machining thickness

  • Applicability to all materials

  • Machined particles contained in water and therefore easy to contain

BAYAB's blind machining enables removinging a thichness of material  without being influenced by the 3D shape of the part.

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BAYAB's process science

BAYAB uses the impact abrasion capabilities by particles and / or erosion by water.

Impact abrasion

In particle impact abrasion, two modes of erosion are generally considered: micro-incision and micro-impact.


Water erosion

The high speed water acts on the machined part by a wedge effect, propagating the surface microcracks by dynamic pressure.


Development of
industrial machines

A machine is the collaboration of a process, a mechanism and an operator,  working together for an application. A machine intelligence algorithm then makes the link  between these three pillars and the machine environment: safety, PLC, HMI and means of  control.

Very often, these pillars are developed by different teams, mastering  each a part of the machine and negotiating on the distribution of specifications.

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Our choice, at BAYAB, is to master this complete triptych to offer  optimized machines in the particular field of industrial abrasion. Our  added value thus lies in the ability to seek optimal complementarity

rather than a negotiated compromise between process, mechanics and application.


This know-how is available
through 3 offers

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6-axis robot for large and complex machining on removable parts.
Portable machining robot for composite repair.
Provision of research, development and engineering services.
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