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6-axis machining robot
by abrasive waterjet

You draw in 2D to program a 3D machining automatically adapted to the reality of your part.

With SYABOT, BAYAB Industries responds to many customers wishing to benefit from the technical specificities of abrasive waterjet blind machining, in a workshop context on removable and complex parts.


SYABOT is a 6-axis workshop robot equipped with innovative tools and processes related to abrasive waterjet.  

SYABOT uses an exclusive abrasive waterjet machining process suitable for "blind-machining" of layers on shaped and large parts.

It can be programmed by:

  • Standard CAD / CAM software

  • BAYAB's interface and a dedicated CFAO

  • 3D geometric control

  • Cobotic learning

Machining processes can be combined with a patented image analysis control system, and / or a contactless geometric control tool to automate the adaptation of the machined depths according to the variability of the layers to be removed.

The advantages of SYABOT are:

  • Versatility of working surfaces

  • Low influence of the shape of the part on the machined depth profile

  • Low machining force applied to the part

  • No warm-up

  • Easy programming

  • Ability to remove a layer of variable and unknown thickness

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SYABOT is a versatile 6-axis abrasive water jet machining robot. It is particularly suitable for certain innovative applications:

  • Machining of composite plies for repair, junction, or any other application

  • Selective withdrawal of:

    • Paint, primer, peel-ply ...

    • Metal layers on composite parts

    • Composite layers on metal parts

  • Surface preparation for bonding or painting

  • Cutting or blind-cutting

  • Machining of hard metals for weight reduction or other

  • Acoustic perforation

  • ...

Technical specifics

Patented waste collector to eliminate the dispersion of solid and liquid particles (no dust or pollution).

Continuous separation of solid and liquid effluents to simplify waste management.

Patented machining control system by image analysis.

Choice of robot dimensions and integration according to application.

Simple and automated control.

You draw in 2D to program 3D machining on the real part (no theoretical CAD).

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Composite repair machining
Machining of composite plies
Titanium machining
Hard metal machining
Paint removal
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