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Research services
and engineering

BAYAB's general proposition is Optimus Time Solutions. This is the provision of research, development and engineering services around industrial abrasion.  

BAYAB has unique expertise in innovative waterjet and abrasive waterjet machining solutions. OTS is a collaborative method by which BAYAB supports its customers in all phases of their development: from upstream research to implementation, including industrialization and the supply of equipment.

Our areas of expertise


  • State of the art

  • Particle abrasion phenomena

  • Water erosion phenomena

  • Design of experiments

  • Experimental and phenomenological modeling

  • Physico-chemical characterization

  • Optimization


  • Machining of composite plies for repair or other

  • Selective removal of:

    • ​​Paint, primer, peel-ply ...

    • Metal layers on composite parts

    • Composite layers on metal parts

  • Surface preparation 

  • Cutting and blind cutting

  • Machining of hard metals for weight reduction or other 

  • Acoustic perforation ...  

Machinery and equipment

  • Development of special machines

  • 3D geometric control or by image analysis

  • Dedicated CAD / CAM

Notre expertise
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