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1st portable machining robot in the world for the repair of composites


REPLY⁵ is a 2-axis robot portable by 2 operators to be secured to the part using 3 suction cups. It is fully programmable on a touch screen to precisely machine a surface of 500x500mm² on a 3D part.

Thanks to the performance of the process, Reply.⁵ is a “simple” 2-axis robot for 3D machining of step or scarf repairs; it does not require geometric control or CAD / CAM. The programming, on a dedicated interface, is fully managed by the repair teams after 2 days of training.


REPLY ⁵ is a 50kg machining robot dedicated to composite repair:

  • Ply-by-ply machining of composites (3 to 9 times faster than manual machining)

  • Paint removal

  • Surface preparation for bonding and painting (shear stress at break 40% greater than for sanding

Technical specifics

  • Machining in all positions on any part with a radius of curvature greater than 1.5m

  • Composites machining speed: 1000mm³ / min

  • Machine preparation time (initialization, installation, programming and removal): 1 hour

  • Machining time on 20 folds of 500x500mm² with Reply.5: 20h (between 60h and 120h by hand). So downtime of the structure reduced from 40h to 100h per repair 

  • 200k€ gain per major repair in AOG (Aircraft On Ground)

  • 20k€ gain per workshop repair

  • Preservation of teams and the electrical environment thanks to a patented waste collector to confine and eliminate carbon dust, abrasive dust and water splashes

  • Solid / liquid separation system to facilitate waste management

  • Image analysis control system of the machining result for archiving and traceability

  • It is the machine that works, the operator can be refocused on tasks with higher added value

  • Machine selected and qualified by Airbus as the only alternative to manual sanding for composite repairs on the fuselage and wing of the A350 in production (AIPI / AIPS 03-08-004) and in service Part145 (SRM / ASR 51-77- 11 and 51-27-21)

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